"I first came to Dr. De Carlo in the spring of my senior year at Council Rock North High School - the beginning of my final, most important track season - with serious tightness and pain in my left knee. I started running track at North my sophomore year, and besides the usual aching shins, I had never had any knee problems. I knew my newfound injury needed some serious attention if I wanted it to be a successful next few months, so Dr. De Carlo came at the perfect time. After meeting Mr. De Carlo in the training room over at North one day and explaining to him my situation, he quickly identified my IT band problem, and immediately started treatment the following week. Thereafter, I went into his office twice a week, and through his specific stretches and ART techniques, I was able to have the best track season of my career with various personal bests and school records in the 800 and mile. I was virtually pain-free by the end of my season and was prepared to start training for my upcoming fall cross country season at the University of Maryland without any extended rest. Whenever I come home on breaks from school, making an appointment with Dr. De Carlo is always the first thing that I do. He loosens up all my thick and tight muscles, which helps tremendously with my soreness after runs. I wouldn't be the athlete I am right now without his help, and I definitely wouldn't have been able to make it through the rest of my spring high school track season and my freshman track seasons at Maryland. I dedicate a large portion of my success to Dr. De Carlo and I can't thank him enough for keeping me healthy.

                   -Julie Fricke

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"Dr. De Carlo and his Active Release Techniques have absolutely helped me to stay healthy as a college and professional athlete. Over the last three years his treatments have helped my recovery from injuries as well as increased my flexibility. He has helped me to stay healthy so that I can pursue my professional baseball career with the San Diego Padres."
                 -Derek Shunk


"I am a 24 year old wife and mother. I had suffered from migraines from elementary school. When my daughter turned one my migraines became more frequent, about 3-5 a week. They were debilitating and made everyday life almost impossible and painful. Suffering from these migraines and trying to balance motherhood and a husband in school to become a physicians assistant made life extremely difficult. If I didn't have a migraine I had neck pain and upper back pain and no energy to live life. I had seen countless doctors, including neurologists, tried prescription medication, and special diets-nothing helped. I believed there was no help and this was my life.
    Then I met Dr. Joe Decarlo! My quality of life has changed dramatically. He gave me my life back! Migraines are becoming a distant memory. If I do get a headache, its rare and very mild. All I have to do is see Dr. Joe and I'm good to go! As well as the migraines being taken care of, my posture has improved dramatically, helping the upper back and neck pain.I have tons of energy to keep up with my family and enjoy life. Dr. Joe Decarlo and his wife, Wendy are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are very encouraging and positive people.If its making an appointment with Wendy or being treated by Dr. Joe, I feel taken care of and listened to. They truly care about their patients and have shown me that in many ways! Thank You Dr. Joe for changing not only my life but my families as well!"
               -Caitlyn Nelson

"My name is Jeff Huggins and I am an instructor at Big Leagues Academy.
   Lucky for me, I ran into Dr. Joe De Carlo at the Academy one day.
I mentioned to Dr. Joe that I might be stopping in to see him because I was having hip and lower back pain that was awful!
    There were days when I could hardly walk. Sometimes it was so bad that I was dragging my right leg, like I had a stroke, as I describe it. It was affecting my whole life. I was missing time at the Academy and also at my other job. I thought for sure I would have to give up my job as an instructor. The pain was just too much. One day I collapsed on my living room floor. Well, I figured it was time to get checked.
    I went to about 3 or 4 different doctors. I had MRI's, X-rays, and I finally got tired of doctors telling me the problem was that I was lifting things wrong!
    I called Dr. Joe and made an appointment. I went in and explained what was going on and Dr. Joe went to work. I could feel the difference after just 1 visit!
   I was on my way to being "normal" again.
    I've been to chiropractors before, but none like Dr. Joe. I continued with more appointments and got better with each one. I never thought I'd be able to keep my instructing job. But not only did I do that, I also am now playing softball again and running around like a 25 year old instead of a 50 year old.
    I'd like to thank Dr. Joe, Wendy, and their great Physical Therapy Staff for giving me my life back!
              -Jeff Huggins