Professional Referrals

Over the past 31 years in practice, Dr. De Carlo was the official Sports Chiropractor for Temple University Athletics from 1996-2003. He is presently a member of the Sports Medicine Team of both Council Rock North and South High Schools as well as Philadelphia Biblical University (Division III Athletics). Below is a selection of referrals from varying athletic trainers and coaches from these institutions.

Chris Hudak                                                               
Former Director of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning
Temple University Athletics

December 20, 2000

To Whom it may Concern,
This letter is to serve as my testimony for Dr. Joseph De Carlo. I was personally under his care for the last four years for many of my own, various sports related injuries. More importantly, he has treated several of our student-athletes at Temple University for the many diverse injuries they sustain over training, practice, and competition. 
Being in the collegiate sports world, preventing and dealing with injuries are a part of my daily repertoire. As a strength coach, I try to make my program as safe as possible while trying to maximize athletic ability. Yet, during training and especially, competition, our student-athletes get injured. Although we have an excellent medical and athletic training staff, there are certain injuries and conditions that they are not setup to treat effectively. Dr. De Carlo has taken many of these student-athletes with hard to treat injuries and has dramatically brought them back to "competitive health". He emphasizes the use of Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), a total hands-on approach to accelerate healing. I have witnessed student-athletes with hamstring strains return to practice within three days instead of seven to ten. Athletes with chronic low back pain and previous shoulder surgery have been returned to "full-go" both in the weight room and the practice field because of his treatments.
The bottom line is, I highly recommend Dr. Joseph De Carlo for any competitive athlete who wants to stay healthy and return from injury as fast as possible. I would also recommend him for any person, athlete or not, who wants to stay healthy and pain free.

Yours in Strength, 

Chris Hudak 

Cary P. Huggard, M.Ed., ATC, CSCS                               
Men's Basketball Athletic Trainer
Temple University

December 17, 2000

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Dr. Joseph De Carlo. In the elite world of sports, the level of competition continues to get tighter and tighter. An "edge" can often make the difference between winning and losing. Having competed as a Division I athlete, and later working on the professional level in the NFL and NFL Europe Leagues as well as Division I athletics, I have come to appreciate the importance and the urgency involved in dealing with sports related injuries. As an athletic trainer it is my responsibility to get the athletes the highest quality medical care available, therefore, keeping them on the playing field.

I have found Dr. Joseph De Carlo to be an invaluable resource in caring for our athletes. He is an accomplished and established chiropractor specializing in the care of athletes. He brings more to the table than what you normally think of from a chiropractor. Our athletes have been benefiting from his unique approach and background in soft tissue manipulation for over 5 years. He has assisted in the treatment of countless numbers of athletes in our programs with many different types of injuries. It is without reservation that I would recommend Dr. De Carlo to consult with any sports medicine staff to help give their athletes the "edge" that can make a difference.

Cary P. Huggard

John Chaney                                                            
Head Basketball Coach
Temple University

To Whom It May Concern,

        I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Dr. Joseph De Carlo. As a Chiropractice Sports Physician he has treated student athletes, coaches and administrators here at Temple University for the past six years.
        I am one of his patients and I have been quite satisfied with his care for the past three years. In addition, I have found him to be most helpful with many of our professional and amateur athletes that he has treated here at the university. His therapeutic approach has effectively complimented the treatment of our athletic trainers as well.

        I highly recommend Dr. Joseph De Carlo as his approach is sincere, unique and very effective in the treatment of the elite level athlete.
                                                            John Chaney